Pacific Seed Bank vs. i49 Seed Bank

Both Pacific Seed Bank and i49 Seed Bank offers a wide variety of cannabis seed selections open for personal or commercial use. Both of these seed banks are highly reputable in the cannabis industry, but after an insightful assessment of their policies and overall operation, we’ve come to the conclusion that Pacific Seed Bank has better offerings compared with i49 Seed Bank, and here’s why.

5 Reasons Why Pacific Seed Bank is Better

#1 Can issue a refund policy

Pacific Seed Bank is one of the few seed banks that issue a refund policy.

#2 Has an affiliate program

They provide affiliate links that enable website owners and bloggers to earn commissions whenever a reader clicks and purchases through their affiliate links.

#3 Wide variety of selections

Pacific Seed Bank offers an extremely wide variety of feminized, autoflowering and high CBD marijuana seeds, that can be used as a treatment for insomnia, stress, inflammation, chronic pain, lack of appetite, etc.

#4 Provides beginner guide

They provide beginner, intermediate and master marijuana education and germination guide in their website to educate both starters and pros of this field.

#5 Exclusive coupons and free giveaways

Upon your first sign-up, you will be given a 10% off coupon and a chance to win $100 worth of cannabis seeds for free. All you have to do is to sign-up your name and email, then you’re good to go.

Pacific Seed Bank Reviews

According to the Pacific Seed Bank reviews by legitimate customers, they were blown away by the wide variety of cannabis strain selections. This allows them to grow a myriad of good strains for personal or commercial use. Most customers have commended their smooth and expedient shipping transactions with the company. Various pictures that depicts customers’ successful marijuana harvests are shared all over the web.

Growing your own garden is hard especially if you don’t know much about the characteristics of your soil. It isn’t only about just the amount of water but also about the nutrients of the soil in order for your plants to grow well. It is usual that gardening use soil as a base. But if you are to grow your plants with the specific nutrients that your plants might need, then you should consider Hydroponics as your gardening strategy.

Hydroponics is a process of growing plants that substitutes water instead of soil as a plant base. The process of hydroponics involves the delivering of nutrients through the water which will then be absorbed by the roots of the plant. The nutrients will then go to the water and be sipped by the roots of the plant. The best plants that may be used with hydroponics are Lettuce, Spinach, Strawberries, Bell peppers, and herbs. If you are into food business or a gardening hobby then you should do Hydroponics.

We all know that even though Hydroponics is water-and-nutrient based gardening, good equipments should also be in your list. You should know what are the good types of Hydroponic water pump for your Hydroponic garden. The most important property that you should consider when buying pumps is the vertical height. It is due to the reason that the pump pushes the water from the storage of water to the plant growing trays. Two of the most common hydroponic pumps are listed below.

What are the two common types of Hydroponic water pump?

#1  Inline hydroponic water pump

 Inline hydroponic pump is a type of water pump that is used for mostly big of operations of hydroponics or commercial purposes. They are air-cooled and is considered to have more power than the submersible type of hydroponic water pump. Inline hydroponic water pump is usually located outside of the storage tank or reservoir. The pump delivers water from the storage tank or the reservoir to the growing tray or flood table. This type of pump is said to have a high power capacity due to because its unit of power is measured in horsepower rather than gallons per hour. One advantage of this pump is durability however, they tend to become noisier when in operation. It is also pricier compared to other pumps.

#2  Submersible water pump hydroponics

Other than the inline hydroponics pump, the most commonly used hydroponic pump is the submersible water pump. It is placed straight right into the hydroponic reservoir. In this type of hydroponic pump, they are said to serve for only 1200 gallons per hour or less for hydroponic system water requirements. This type is mostly recommended for people who wants to grow plants at home.

Submersible water pump can also deliver oxygen through the water and maintaining a balance in the system. One of the main advantages of this hydroponic pump is it prevents pump cavitation. Pump cavitation is when air bubbles or cavities start to form in the water. This may cause severe damages to the pump housing. So you don’t need to worry too much about pump cavitation in Submersible water pumps.

Established in 2010, 420 Seed Bank is an online wholesaler of marijuana seeds, readily available and can be delivered all around the world. They include well known breeders from countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Toronto, and many more. The company’s goal is to gain the biggest pot seed inventory available for sale.

Ever since its launch in 2010, the company has established connections with various cannabis breeders. Currently, they are known as one of the biggest cannabis seller online in reasonable prices. As a matter of fact, the company offers a price match program in order to assure that they are charging the right price for their customers.

They also offer a wholesale option for customers who want to buy a huge amount of cannabis seed for a large growing operation. 420 Seed Bank is confident that they can fulfill and cater any amount of cannabis seed orders. You can place an order or submit any queries by contacting them through their Instagram account or via email.

What to expect from 420 Seed Bank

420 Seed Bank works with the world’s best cannabis seed breeders in order to provide the best product offerings in a competitive price range. If you’re considering to buy from 420 Seed Bank, expect that you will experience extraordinary strains that are not available elsewhere. It is the company’s goal to be the primary place for all cannabis breeders and to provide all of their cannabis seed needs.

Customers are encouraged to browse through their list of Breeders available in the menu section. In there, you will find a list of breeders and their wide variety of seed selection available for sale. Purchasing from 420 Seed Bank allows you to save a lot of time, and will provide you with a credible breeder that will help you grow a premium harvest.