About The Adventures of Mochi the Dog

A beautiful, wholesome
storybook for children

The Adventures of Mochi the Dog is a children’s book series that features the educational and inspirational adventures of Mochi the dog and her (human and animal) friends!

The real-life story of Mochi

and how she found her forever home

Mochi the Dog is a very real dog with a very, very long tongue!

And while today Mochi enjoys belly rubs, unconditional acceptance, love and exploring the great outdoors with her forever family, her story did not have a happy beginning.

Mochi was sadly mistreated and neglected by her first humans because she was born with undesirable looks and an abnormal tongue.  When the Rickert family adopted Mochi in 2010, from the Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue organization, Mochi was in very poor medical condition and was terrified of humans. However, she immediately became best buddies with Cuda, the Rickert’s 3 year-old Newfoundland, and her long road to healing and recovery began.

Although the Rickert’s knew that Mochi’s tongue was absurdly long, they never dreamed it could be the longest dog tongue in the world. Mochi had already lived with her forever family for 6 years when the family decided they needed a fun, positive diversion from difficult life events, so they started looking into the Guinness World Record book’s records.  They soon realized that Mochi might actually be a new record holder—and she was!

Mochi’s adoptive human mom, a scientist, was in the process of planning a children’s science adventure book series, when Mochi was awarded the new world record for longest dog tongue, so Mochi became the inspiration for the main character of these early learner stories.

Mochi’s comical, cartoon looks and her new world record for longest dog tongue, inspired her adoptive mom, a scientist, to use Mochi as the main character in her forthcoming children’s educational book series.

Under the BioEco Kids Publishing banner, The Adventures of Mochi the Dog book series continues Mochi’s story as she goes sciencing in the great outdoors, all the while addressing tough topics such as teasing, compassion, staying true to one’s dreams, developing resiliency and celebrating our differences.  Mochi sets an example that being different is amazing.