These are a Few of Mochi’s Favorite Things

These are a Few of Mochi’s Favorite Things

Living with Mochi we quickly discovered how particular of a dog she is. When she doesn’t like something – she is not afraid to tell us. That is how we discovered all her favorite things!

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  • Anything with the family-even vet visits
  • Eating meals and getting treats
  • Getting dressed up and having photos taken
  • Sleeping upside down
  • Being loved on by calm children
  • Belly rubs and massages
  • Slowly sniffing absolutely everything outside
  • Chasing things that run
  • Going under lady’s dresses
  • Putting cold nose in people’s crotches and just standing there
  • Plowing through long cool green grass nose first
  • Doing zoomies in newly fallen snow
  • Going through the drive-through and begging for treats
  • Chewing branches (a forbidden activity)
  • Swallowing stuffed toys (also forbidden)
  • Sorting through the monthly Bark Box

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 where we talk about Mochi’s favorite foods and toys!