The Mochi the Dog Website is Finally Live!

The Mochi the Dog Website is Finally Live!

Mochi is super excited, and her first big adventure book is here for everyone to enjoy!

Have you ever felt different from the rest of the world? It’s amazing!  Well, maybe not always, right?

The first book in The Adventures of Mochi the Dog series, Finding a Forever Home  is perfect for anyone ages 2-92.  Mochi The Dog’s resiliency will strike a chord with readers of all ages.

What’s not to love, especially if you:

  • Are a parent, grandparent, educator or counselor
  • Have ever felt different than others
  • Sometimes feel like you don’t fit in
  • Want your unique attributes to become your greatest strengths
  • Encourage kindness, acceptance, and compassion for others, animals and for our surroundings at an early age
  • Love animals and nature
  • Rescue unwanted, abused, neglected pets

What will you love most about this unique book?

  • Memorable, vibrantly colored, detailed illustrations
  • High quality, durable hardcover book with a twist
  • The story about the real life dog, who was born with an abnormally long tongue and unwanted because of her differnce.
  • Just maybe, her crazy long tongue will save the day – Can being different truly be amazing?
  • Exciting adventures in nature that introduce early learners to the world around them
  • A story that prompts discussions with your listener about important social and socio-environmental topics in a light-hearted fun way
  • The Adventures of Mochi the Dog: Finding a Finding a Forever Home demonstrates positive examples of resiliency, kindness, acceptance, following your dreams, unconditional friendship, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • This book is only the beginning of an exciting adventure series.