A Day in The Life of Mochi the Dog

A Day in The Life of Mochi the Dog

A Day in the life of Mochi the Dog

According to Mochi:

  • Get up and wait patiently, for a tiny portion of food. I Let my people sleep in if they want.
  • Go outside to efficiently inspect the property for intruders to keep my family safe.
  • Stay hydrated all day in order to keep up the stringent pace of my duties. Even with my super long tongue, I’m very clean when I drink.
  • Help human mom and dad with their work.
  • Play with Cuda (My dog brother) and my toy box.
  • Run security checks randomly throughout the day to keep my family safe.
  • Exhausted after the long day, sleep in my favorite spot all night.


According to human parents:

  • Wakes us up bright and early at the same time every day
  • Demands a lot of food by whining
  • Does business outside in total Slo-Mo speed, ignores everyone when snooping.
  • Sleeps near mom’s desk most of the day.
  • Whines for snacks during the day.
  • Drinks several times a day, which necessitates the use of a wetvac, towels, mops and a professional water remediation clean up crew.
  • If Cuda (dog brother) won’t play, she takes out every toy in the box in search of a stuffed animal (they are put away safely).
  • Repeat outside explorations again.
  • Goes to sleep in her favorite spot next to our bed and snores loudly all night.