Mochi The Dog’s Tour Journal Days 1 and 2

Mochi The Dog’s Tour Journal Days 1 and 2

We just returned from a super fun media tour in Canada to promote the newly released Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals ® 2018 book! We did lots of amazing stuff in just 4 days and we made great new friends. I loved every minute of it.

The first cool thing is that I had to get a doggy passport (an International health certificate) and it was funny when the border patrol asked my mom why we were coming to Canada and she said that I was famous.  The border patrol guard looked really serious and asked why I was famous, so my human mom showed her the Guinness World Records letter that explained who I was.  The guard didn’t even smile (she sort of scared me) and made us roll down the window to see me.  She started laughing when she saw me and said, “Well I guess she really does have the world’s longest tongue!”.  Then she was really nice and we gave her a photo of me and she was super excited. We made our first new Canadian friend at the border!

Guinness World Records booked us at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Toronto, but I wanted to have a yard to go outside for exercise (wink, wink) so we thought it might not be a great idea to stay right downtown in the big city.  Instead,

we stayed in Toronto in a vacation rental just 2 blocks away from fun dog beaches on the shores of Lake Ontario (looks like the ocean).  It was a sort of cute apartment in someone’s basement and the ceilings were really low, so my human dad kept hitting his head on the ceiling!  I called it the “doghouse”.  


Toronto travels:

Day 1:

Got to the “doghouse” about supper time and walked to a beach dog park!!!  My first ever dog park experience.  It was so incredibly fun!  I met lots of other rescued dogs and we had so many stories to tell.  I behaved much better than even I thought I would.  I’m really proud of myself. Yay!  

Then we walked around the streets of  “The Beaches” community, sat on a bench and ate sushi (well actually, I ate a couple of 3 calorie Acana dog treats). We met so many people who recognized me from the news.  They stopped to talk and took selfies with me.  It was like the paparazzi were all around!  Boy did I ever feel special-I loved it!  


Day 2:

Canadian Niagara Falls. Wow!  Beautiful!!!  Since it was the Canadian Thanksgiving, there were thousands of people visiting.  Wish Cuda, my adopted brother, who had to stay home this trip, could have seen it.  

I stayed in one spot for almost 2 hour right in front of the falls and thousands of people from all over the world rushed up to me and crowded around me for some P&P (pets and photos).  This was absolutely crazy to have all these people, who spoke all different languages all unite to love me!  Loving, a huge, cuddly, rescued dog with a gigantic tongue must be sort of a universal thing!

It was crazy to hear people from Croatia, Russia, China, Japan, Germany and Spain say that they had seen me on their news!

Now I really feel like a celebrity!  I have vowed that I won’t let all this attention go to my head and change me.  I won’t ever forget where I came from. It feels like the right thing to do to stay humble.  I must be the most Blessed pup alive!  

Got back to the “doghouse” and could barely make it down the stairs.  I was so exhausted I didn’t even want supper.  I just went to sleep to get my beauty rest for my TV show appearances that started the next day.

My mom gave me a full body massage.  Awwwwww! What a life!