Mochi’s Canada Journal – Days 3, 4 and 5

Mochi’s Canada Journal – Days 3, 4 and 5

Day 3:

Had to be at the Chorus Quay TV studio at 8 am.  They took me to my very own dressing room.  There was even a make artist there for my mom and me!  Her name is Angelina and I love her.  Then it was so crazy, I met two movie stars!  They came into my dressing room to meet me and take their photo with me.  We didn’t even know who they were at first.  One was a really cute guy named Joshua Jenkins; he was staring in a Toronto Broadway show called, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night”.  Then I met, Jim Sturgess who is the lead character in the new movie, GeoStorm.  He was super cool too and really, really handsome.  I could tell that they both loved dogs.  

The producers called for mom and me to go on stage for a short teaser spot.  The floors were really shiny and sort of scared me and then they put a huge camera right in my face.  I barked really loud and scared the cameraman…I sort of laughed inside.  Then I got more used to all the equipment and everyone pet me so much, that I just relaxed and went with the flow…wow, this movie star stuff is fantastic!  We went back to the dressing room and we waited until the CTV Morning Show taping started.

So, on to the morning show with Jeff and Carolyn.  Carolyn, the host, got down on the floor and smeared peanut butter on her cheek and begged me to lick her face!!! Are you kidding me!!?  I am trained not to lick and my mom was sitting right there!  It was super tempting though because I LOVE peanut butter and don’t get to have it very often. Anyway, I disappointed Carolyn and refused.  

We then went on Facebook live streaming with John Garbutt.  They had me drink water because they wanted to see how messy I am…Well, I did not let them down.  That crew was tons of fun!  John is allergic to dogs but he still wanted me to visit them to share my story…that was really nice of him.

Our day was not over yet; we drove to the beautiful Centennial Park and CTV news with Anwar Knight shot coverage for about 2 hours.  They had me dress up in costumes to celebrate that Halloween was soon. I wore a pink tutu and a sparkling, pink, ruffle collar for one segment, then I dressed up like a witch for another segment and finally I got to wear my favorite lion costume. Anwar said that I have more costumes than his 5 year-old son!  

The news crew asked my mom if I liked to dress up and she said, sure!  Actually, I don’t like to dress up!  It is sort of stupid, but I do like all the attention I get when I am dressed in my silly outfits.  

That night, I fell asleep immediately after eating (and getting another massage! Thank you!!!)  It would be another long day on day 4.  I never knew how hard celebrities worked to be famous!  

Day 4:

When I woke up, I realized that even if I am really tired, this trip has been fantastically awesome!  Thanks to Guinness World Records, my record release went viral all over the world!  Eight years ago, when I was trapped in the horrors of abuse, I never imagined I would be one day living the life of a real live movie star!

It is raining today, so human mom and dad are being protective of my fluffy clean coat.  They even bought me a bright orange poncho to keep me dry.  

We arrived at 630 AM at Global News where we were going to shoot CP24 Breakfast show with Steve Anthony.  The TV crew even shot me coming out of the vehicle with an umbrella over me.  We received an escort security guard up to the front door and were buzzed in.  Then I was shown to my room, where I would again wait for a teaser shot and then be on the live show.

While in my dressing room a really tall guy came to visit me.  He asked if he could get a photo with me.  He said his name is Jerome Williams of the Toronto Raptors. He was a famous basketball player!  My silly mom thought he said that he was a rapper and she said, “wow he is really tall for a rapper!”. He laughed.  Jerome was so nice.  He is my new favorite bb ball player.

So if that wasn’t cool enough, then Alan Lloyd, the musician came in!  I got my picture with him too.  I am so lucky.   He didn’t seem like he liked dogs as much as Jerome, Jim and Joshua did but  Alan was still really nice to me.

It was finally my turn to go on live with Steve Anthony on CP24Breakfast. He was really my kind of crazy fun guy.  He even has 3 rescued dogs and is a huge advocate for rescues.  I knew that I liked him the second I met him.  Steve was so excited about my book!  He asked my mom about it and Michael from Guinness World Records thought Steve meant the Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book, so he went off on the GWR book and my mom didn’t ever get to talk about my new adventure book. Darn!  Well, then, Steve wanted the peanut butter again…you guessed it!  He got down on the floor with pb on his chin.  I gave in and licked his chin and also gave him a memorable bonus by drooling on his face and shirt and then shook off and splattered slobbers on the set sofa too!  Oh my…I really left my mark there.  It was a memorable morning for all of us!  Everyone was just amazingly kind to me.  

Now on to The Social!  This was an all-afternoon party with lots of new friends!  Wow…so cool to be in front of a live audience.  The ladies of The Social had such cool strappy shoes on and they fed me a peanut butter treat but thank goodness none of them laid on the floor and begged for a kiss.  The audience seemed to really like my story…and they oooooo’d and awwww’d when I laid down, when I got up, when I turned around and when I ate peanut butter.  I never thought the stuff I do all the time is that amazing but I guess it must be.

The Today’s Parent interview was cancelled because the interviewer was ill, so that was super disappointing but then we had the rest of the evening off so we could pack because we were leaving the next morning at 4 am.    

It’s a wrap!



Day 5:

Up at 3:00 am, took human dad to airport and then took off for the USA with mom in the F150 truck!  My redneck limo! Yay!  

11:30 PM we arrived back at the cabin in SD!  It was a fantastic trip to Canada where I was treated just like a princess but it is so good to be back home.  

Thanks for following my journey.  My next adventure is going to visit a lot of schools to bring my story to kids of all ages to help encourage them to rescue animals, follow their dreams no matter what they go through and to be kind to one another.

Being different is truly amazing!

Love Mochi the Dog